Tiny Tales (1 to 30)

Being inspired by 20 Terrifying Two-Sentence Horror Stories
#01: She screams every time I tell her that the shortest path to the next room is through the wall. But, i know it since my death.

#02: it's been a week and I'm bored without thoughts. I wish someone would get me from the freezer, my head.

#03: Well, it appears he was right after all. That does look like his brain. I could have been more sure if I haven't thrashed it so.

#04: on bed. She moaned my name softly and I answered quietly. My poor widowed wife woke up.

#05: no matter how much I try, I couldn't say which one of the twins survived the crash. So I treat them both equally.

#06: in the dark, she knocked. I knocked back. Not sure which one of us is on the outside of the coffin.

#07: it's our anniversary. I placed the diamond ring on her burial. With her finger still on it.

#08: it's worrying, how they don't come to visit me until they die.

#09: She is laughing at me and I don't know how to kill her, Again.

#10: she still says she can't see me. How couldn't she? Her eyes are right there, staring at me from my plate.

#11: Backyard was her suggestion. I hope she doesn't mind sleeping beside her husband, under the ground.

#13: The waitress stood staring at the chair getting stained as I pour the coffee into my mouth.12: After digging for weeks I realized that I’ve been digging on the wrong side of the coffin.

#14: Jumping from the 5th floor, I wished I survive at least this time.

#15: For six years she has been complaining about hearing a baby cry every night. Had to buy an extra coffin when she died for what the doctors found her carrying within.

#16: He was playing in front of the mirror. ‘He’s not real’, she said from the mirror.

#17: He was afraid of walking alone in the dark. 10 minutes passed. He never have prayed for anything like that in his life but only to walk alone till he reached home.

#18: After knocking the door thrice I entered the room through the locked door. Wife will sure be surprised when she comes back to bed.

#19: Sitting alone in the dark she was counting the stars. The counting went on and on though the little girl stopped at 50.

#20: She tasted the first drop after drinking 57 bottles.

#21: Half awake, he walked into the bathroom and washed his face. When he returned, his hands were never wet.

#22: My wife wouldn’t trust me when I tell her we don’t have a baby girl at home. Why would she? After all, I don’t trust my family when they say I don’t have a wife.

#23: Buying for boy, his favourite cookies. May be today he will tell me how he died.

#24: I pulled her onto the bed and started snuggling when she walked into the room, again

#25: ‘Sure, Mother’, she said in Chinese. We never spoke Chinese in this household and her mother died in childbirth.

#26: She called me out of the bathroom immediately. But I booked this hotel room for just one.

#27: She said she buried our dog in the backyard. The barking from inside the house told me where to look for my baby.

#28: She asked if her sister could join us for dinner. I smiled a yes at my only daughter to not disappoint her. Footsteps were approaching.

#29: The baby stopped crying immediately after the radio started singing softly. Should start looking for that radio once the power is back.

#30: ‘Thanks for walking me home last night’, she phoned. I last met her 3 years back