So, Vote!

  • For the record, I voted and I have my own reasons for choosing to vote and I did not (and would not) vote in fear of someone pointing a finger at me.
  • Find something faulty? Tell! Try not to yell!
  • Not meant to target a community / religion / sector / gender / faith. If you find anything against your religion or faith it would solely be because of your own thoughts being faulty and I shall not in the least be held responsible for that.
  • Against your ideas? let's hear you out! offended?(though there's nothing to be offended by) talk only if you're sure you have the patience to listen back!

So, Vote!
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‘You must vote (wisely) to choose the righteous men who could cleanse the society, my good boy’, said Anil Kishore spitting the crimson red mix that he spent 15 minutes to prepare in his mouth laboratory by tirelessly trained chewing of the velvet green Beetel leaves, with such style while gaping at the women, married, divorced or otherwise and his daughter’s aged girls alike as they passed by, as an attempt to create his own master piece of an art work on the nearest wall he managed to find as he sat at the railway station, at last to empty his mouth, though not entirely but allowing enough room for his lips to part as he speaks without spilling the hard mix on his own sweet self, just to give Munna, who was 19 years and was as thrilled to vote the first time as he had been when he had smoked secretly his father’s ‘beedi’ for the first time 8 years ago, a piece of advice to help him realize that voting is his duty and responsibility to make sure that they live in a society as clean as they have always desired, by choosing the righteous.

‘… To vote is to choose people who could understand a common man’s problems and help the public lead an untroubled life. It-is-for-the-selfless-social-cause-that-you-must-vote’, rushed the Professor of Humanities and social sciences his last sentence to completion as the lights turned to red from orange and he was grateful that he was smart enough to speed up at the last second to triumphantly escape waiting behind the line in his air conditioned cab and lose 15 precious minutes which he had intended instead to part some wisdom in his college going son to help him grow selflessly as he has, paying no heed to the honking from half a dozen assorted vehicles which have waited for their lights to turn green, which finally did but yet couldn’t go through as our Professor’s cab has not truly cleared the road but was still waiting on a queue which moves an inch every 10 seconds and lets none pass through until it clears off completely. Let’s safely assume that the son would learn about social cause though the words of his well-learned father instead of his act of ‘selflessness’.

‘Enhanced Infrastructure and enriched public facilities are the needs of the hour in this country to face the global challenges the rich countries pose and for that we ought to choose uncorrupted, well planning and aptly skilled minds with our votes so they could use the public fund efficiently to achieve all these’ declared Mr. Ramanand, serving his thirty second year and is known for his efficacy in handling finances, to his only daughter. A week back she told him of her salary hike and he was experienced enough to advise her to write her own rental receipts according to the revised HRA allowance saving her from paying up more tax towards the public fund. So wisely he had helped her to plan her annual income and minimize taxes, which he believed, claimed, and wanted her to understand, never reached the public but the elected and those trusted by the majority, the corrupted white collared politico. He did not have to tell her that at least he felt it that way, no, she’s grown enough to understand that through the revealing of scandals time to time. She has imbibed in her mind with thanks to her father that her hard earned money should never reach a corrupted individual’s pocket and has ensured that by opting for lawful or unlawful (well, she knows how to play it safe) options.

‘Tolerance towards the diversity of population and treating everyone without discrimination is the fundamental quality of a good leader. We ought to choose someone who’s secular and free from prejudicing’ preached Mr. Joshi, tossing the seventh photograph he had rejected that day for a bride for his son, quoting without giving it a moment of a second thought that they belong to a different caste and he has informed the matchmaker to find a bride in his own community, rejecting the other communities already. ‘Only a girl of our own society knows the tradition and acts understandingly. We can’t have a girl from a different group with ridiculous habits, living under our roof’, he added, remembering the ladies he had seen the other day with their sarees worn different from the women in his household.

‘I would prefer a leader who could patiently examine a problem and work out peaceful measures to handle any situation without rushing to get it over and be done with it’ observed Mr.lost-my-bachelorhood-two-years-ago for the astonishment of his wife and mother who exchanged looks of bewilderment, both thinking of how he had, while they both were busy with a sound argument in the process of deciding what to do with his father’s policy returns, yelled at them both, fortunately without taking any sides, to end the matter abruptly with no decision made and settled the matter peacefully (according to him) by silencing them, using their fears against them.

Now, why did you vote? Why do you vote? Why will you vote?

If by voting you mean to choose someone who’s rightful, loyal, uncorrupted, selfless, secular, non-prejudicial, thoughtful, patient, witty, tactful, non-arrogant, savvy and a kind leader and crow that you’ve played your part sincerely as a dutiful citizen of this country, I would, like many others, envy the blissful happiness you enjoy through doubtless ignorance.

Voting an individual or a party to power and expecting them to be of all that you believe to be the ideal virtues while you enjoy going back to being your normal self (though being selfish, arrogant, irresponsible, indifferent to others’ suffering, putting-oneself-first, prejudicial and complaining is not strictly considered to be normal, but in practical usage it is allowed to be termed so) appears not much as an act of a dutiful citizen, though you claim to have become one by just voting.

You’d have seen people becoming all patriotic watching India play against Pak. in a cricket match final and looking at those with accusing eyes, who do not find cheering up the players sitting in front of a television by shouting makes any sense at all, for first of all it’s just a game and then the television does not have a microphone that could take your cheers and curses to the players at any rate.

The very same people who cursed their own government for the ruined roads, poor traffic regulation, delayed public transportation, inefficient public offices management, timeless power shutdowns, delayed and denied justice in a well-known public affair, aimless administration, powerless policemen, pointless political dramas, hunger, corruption, unemployment, discrimination, partiality, political influence and such, all of a sudden become all patriotic when they were advocated ‘Voting is your Duty!’.

Not often (I would not say never, for basically it is not at all necessarily for someone to say, once in a while it does appear and instantly be dismissed in their minds) does anyone propagandise that ‘Being rightful is your duty! Being responsible is your duty! Being kind to those who suffer is your duty! Standing against social injustice is your duty! Standing against the corrupt is your duty! Helping the unable is your duty!’ so much as they brandish ‘Voting is your duty (within brackets in invisible text, ‘you could have been anything in the past and you could be anything in the future just temporarily pretend that you’re a dutiful citizen, for voting is the Jackpot duty that carries much weightage against all other stupidities such as being selfless and being responsible day in and day out’)’.

Thanks to the trending selfies, now voting has become more fashionable.

But, could a person who has neglected all his ‘duties’ towards another human being and has only voted to prove his sincerity be held at a higher position than someone who is totally aware of his responsibilities towards the community and tries his best not to falter consciously and chooses not to vote for he has lost his faith in voting because of his experiences of the past (or rather practical evidences)?

Is it not the same as tagging a person who could do all sins he desires and asks for forgiveness in front of God as Good and those who do not believe in fooling others and their own self in the name of God but be righteous towards the society to the best of his consciousness as infidel and evil?

You do not want to entrust a part of your funds which in the form of tax be handled by those whom you elect and silently admit your mistrust by meticulously planning your policies. You criticize their ideas for it was not familiar to you. You call them fools for not looking at something with your eyes. You look down at them with disgust when they’re accused with scandals though it might be proved to be true or not. You curse them for making you take diversion for they have to use the ‘common road’ all for themselves. You envy them for how they get to riches from rags. You hate them for deceiving your trust. You loathe those who voted and supported the one you didn't want to be on power for his ideas aren't alike your own.

But the general propaganda is, ‘Be it anything, just Vote!’

So, Vote, I advise!