Without You!

Pic courtesy : hdwallpapersonly.com
Without you, oh dear!

would I not be running around the lonely castle again, holding my dear life on my tired hands, terror-struck, on one of the freezing cold and blinding dark night, screaming for help that would never come from any existing direction but only my screams echo all along the stairway while my every step crushes the skeletal remains of an assorted species of mammals scattered all the way?

would I not be trembling again with fear when the chillness of a sharp cold blade whose blood stained handle is rusted drinking the life out of many as it slits open their silky throat not less smoother than a shiny knife a cheese block, by the power of the bearer?

would I not be witnessing again the horror of a gory, unspeakably grievous massacre of a colony that happened a hundred years ago before civilization brood?

would I not be getting scorched again by the flames the dragon gifts me with detest as I try to cross the mountains as part of my adventure?

would I not be longing again for at least a drop of tear so I could quench my thirst while I'm stranded in a desert for eternity surrounded by nothing but the burning sand that awaits, with hunger, my flesh to fail to move, at last?

would I not be hunted down again by the same troops whose secrets I revealed, lacking tolerance towards their atrocities?

would I not be digging the same floors of the cell with no other tools than my maimed fingers whose nails I haven't noticed missing, while I busied myself digging for the past four hundred and eighty minutes without a pause, desperate to escape?


without you, I'd be crying my heart out again and again for experiencing repeatedly the unbearable pain, grief and desperation,

if you were not there in my life,

I'd have fallen in love, head over heels, again and again with the lady of my life as I see her the first time every time.

I'd have enjoyed the prosperity of my life again and again which I obtained out of the diamonds I smuggled from the mines with broken bones hanging loose beneath the flesh, as the mist came to aid my heart-racing escape at the last minute.

I'd have been crowned the exceedingly powerful king of the world again and again as I feel the blood flooding in my veins with power and vanity and rule the world with nothing to be afraid of.

I'd have lived the most beautiful moments of my live over and again with no shades of boredom.

The trust,

you have in me even when I leave you stranded is nothing anyone in the world has seen.


'd wait for me with hope.


'd wait, in the very same spot I left you, for my return which you'd not know with certainty.


'd wait with praying for me to be alive and return any time.

thou, the faithfullest, how shalt I return the faith of thine .

You'd be there to help me when I'm lost and confused.

You'd help be there to guide me where to continue my life from.

Without you,

wouldn't everything I read be similar to the screenplay of Nolan's memento?

O! dear BOOKMARK, forever am I indebted to thee for the service you render in silence.