Travelogue 2 - The Nagala TREK (1 of 2)

This, in fact, should have been the first travelogue.

Like many who want to feel the Adrenaline rush in their vein, I did, and that was probably the only reason for me to opt for a trek experience.

As recommended by a good fiend, I joined the Chennai Trekking Club (CTC) which is a large group of trekkers.

By nature, I'm a person who would desire to do a lot and end giving it up because of lack of information (or lack of interest in getting to know) to go forward. But, this was a different story. The details were too easy to obtain.

So, I went online; joined the CTC google groups.

I'm put up closer to Perambur, Chennai.

The available meeting points were,
1. Thiruvanmiyur at 5.30 am
2. Koyambedu (C.M.B.T) at 6.30 am
3. Periyar Nagar (near Perambur) at 7.30 am

Since 'CMBT' was the name familiar to me than 'Periyar Nagar' (though it's within 5 km), so I chose '5.30 am in CMBT'.

'FINALLY, for the first time, I'm really gonna go on a trek; climb the mountains; walk into the wilderness; plunge my blessed face into the cold water, preserved in the roots, flowing along.'

Excited I was, living it all in the dreamy land. The night didn't seem to move on. Excitement let me not to fall asleep.

Rose, I, with an excitement that hasn't spilled an ounce; packed and was ready by 4.30.

For everyone the trek started by 8.30 am. but for me it started by 4.30 am. right when I stepped out of the house.

I was perfectly ready for the trek in a Black T-Shirt, Army-Green Tracks and a Bloody Red cap to meet the team at CMBT. (try not to visualize - for your own safety!)

15 minutes past, no bus turned up. 30 minutes and an hour past, none.

It was 6 and I was sure even if I get a bus after that I would not reach the boarding point but hey said they could wait upto 6.45 which was still not a possible time for me to reach there. Regretted the decision of choosing to go on a trek. Cursed everyone who recommended me to take a bus at this time and called the coordinator.

I was adivised to join them in Periyar Nagar directly at 8 am for that is closer to Perambur. Took an auto to 'Agaram' which was just 10 mins away and from there I walked for 15 minutes to find a bank as mentioned by the Tilak (another coordinator).

"Stand in from of the bank, your back facing the bank. Now you will find the road split into three. One on the right and one ahead of you and the last on your left. Take the one towards the left", these were the directions given, like one instructs a 10 year old.

I kept walking and it was almost  7 when I saw a Black Scorpio pass me and a very good speed, followed by a few cars at regular gaps.

While I was thinking if this is a part of the 'Trek Team' one car stopped near me and a guy with spectacles and a Shorts with a mobile in his hand got out of the car asking if I was the one who kept on calling asking for directions.

With my identity confirmed as a nuisance caller they took me in and within 50 feet the cars came to a halt. The boarding point, that was.

A place which I could have reached in (10 minutes in auto + 15 minutes of walk) nearly 25 minutes for which I have spent (30 minutes walk to Perambur bus stand + 5 minutes walk to Railway station + the 25 minutes of actual travel and slightly over a whole hour of waiting) around 2 hours and 30 plus minutes.

Applauding (silently) my own self for my geographical knowledge, I joined the group.

Then the engines started with three to four kids in each car, we started from the HOME of those kids.

There were new places, narrow roads, little huts, smaller buildings, variety of flora and a lot.

A feeling was there! Peace! Happiness and joy!

After reaching the spot we climbed a slope with everyone assigned a kid to be taken care of. 'Roja' was the little girl, whom I had to take care of though out the trek. There was a group shot taken once everyone climbed the first slope. (probably for the 'Before and After trek' or whatever)

(contd. here)

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