Travelogue 2 - The Nagala TREK (2 of 2)

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Mesmerising, the sight was, on the other side of the slope. A pond with trees long dead, standing stiff and slanting with their twin reflections on the serene water.

'In the Jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight' was playing aloud in my head while we entered the real jungle.

Then we reached the first Pool (in fact that was the first and last pool for my trek). But, the trekkers on other adventure treks go beyond this and more.

Disappointed. And why?

Shouldn't the sight of a pool have excited me, for I'm from 'Chennai' who gets to see large water resources to be either salty or just due to poor maintenance of the drainage system.

I'll tell you why I the disappointment was.

It had rained the previous night and the pond water was thoroughly disturbed. The water in itself was too dark and dusty.

Having seen the photographs of the previous trekkers paying with the tiny fishes which comes and nibbles their feet this was definitely not the sight I expected.

Would you not be disappointed if you look at an iPhone in the ad and get a 'Grahambell' invented model telephone for the same price from the same showroom with same name. Deceived I was, not by the organizers (no, they're cool) but by nature.

Peter, Tilak and few other experienced trekkers and organisers discussed for a minute and started to unpack their backs, taking out all the balloons and inflated the tubes for the kids.

Even before I could think if they will find another better pool, everyone was in the pool. Yes, the very same, dirty, stirred, black pond to have the best times of their lives.

Watching everyone so excited and splashing the water over each other, laughing out loud, shouting and screaming while escaping from the ones trying to splash water on them, I, with regret threw myself in the pond like everyone else.

I was floating with the help of the tubes (though I could swim like a rock, I didn't want to show off my swimming skills) which were originally meant for kids.

I realised, water is more like a bunch of good friends. When we are surrounded by them, we find ourselves being happy for no reason at all.

Few came forward to teach me to swim but I was just floating with the help of the tubes and went on asking them, 'Am I swimming, now? okay, now? hey, how about now?'.

Well, at least they were able to bear the nuisance to an aspiring swimmer all well.

Enjoyed it.

Swimmers turned Divers:

Then the swimmers became divers. After failing in swimming, I wanted to try diving while a mighty hand of fear held my heart so firm that it wouldn't ebb as the my body hits the water.

Despite the warning from the experienced, I got ready for my first dive.

So, the fearless Penguin, with the Tube around it, climbed up the rock and stood third in a queue for its turn with a second thought of backing off.

Finally, My turn! My turn! My turn!

Before jumping though, I made a request to one in the pool to immediately look for me if he doesn't see my head on the surface within 10 seconds.

And then went the great jump (or the great fall as it should be professionally termed).


A few seconds on air and then a sudden thud I heard, as my ears were already filled with water and went a few inches deep into the pool. The pond on the other side, where the diving happens was deeper and thanks to the tube for I reached the surface while still alive.

In 2 minutes I was not to be found anywhere in the pond, for... 'hey! look over there, on top of the rock! there I was, again for my next fall.'

Fell/Jumped again and again and again and again and...

While other did somersault and more acrobatics I wanted to do a straight dive, you know, head first. I know the first time one wouldn't get it right and I was no exception, at least the damage was not severe.

Hit! Hurt! pained and suffered! but was fun.

Then again I went up the rock and would I try to dive again? No. Jump! Jump, you little froggy, keep jumping!

On the other side of the pond people sat under a very small stream which flowed like a mini fountain where the force was stronger.

Sitting under it was like visually seeing one's favourite Music flowing inside the body and their musical symbols floating around slowly loudly and softly. The force that crushes ones ego making him weak and fills him with peace and builds him up stronger than he was before.

It would be safe to just say that the peace and calmness experienced then was and will never (I hope against it, though) be experienced anywhere else and in anything else.

Humbled in front of the might of water.

When even the voice of one's own mind is not heard, BLISS, it was indeed!


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