Do you believe in God or Science?

Having added a few BBC documentaries to the download queue I waited to initiate the 'Download' process at 2.00 am (well, it's not the best data plan, but what to do?). As it was just 11.30 pm I chose to watch a movie until then which has led me to write this.

Contact (1997):  7.3 - IMDB Rating (This is not a movie review)

Contact (1997) Poster

Of the 150 minutes the movie simply throws a hundred questions that intrigues a few hundred more in your mind, not just related to science and beliefs but also on truth and delusion, facts and faiths, approved and accepted.

More than E.T life discovery, wormhole, space travel, science fiction and the other science stuff dealt with, this movie a lot about a scientist's life, beliefs and struggle against those of the rest of the world naturally.

The pain of being neither able to concord with others' beliefs nor get an opportunity to prove them wrong is cruel. Rejection of any material is nothing compared to the rejection of one's own ideas and beliefs.

People might say 'world is what you make out of it'. Well, it's more like saying a structure (like a material structure or community based on ideology) is what you design and construct. Nothing could sound truer if one is to design and construct on an empty space.

But is the world we live in an empty space? Is it not already loaded with beliefs, some backed by facts and others by mere faith. Questioning the belief of the majority of Earth's population is not considered very wise especially when that 95% is a community that is just afraid of taking up the responsibility of their own actions and consequences but just is contented with fatalism.

One cannot simply make the world as he believes it should be even if it should be so.

Across the world the human life expectancy is 67.2 years (says wikipedia, may or may not be correct and that doesn't matter much anyway). During these years some of us want to find out whether what we are told is true and strive for evidences so as to educate the future leading them to development where they could be surrounded by sound facts (religious or scientific whichever is proven right) while the others are just happy to believe what was told to them and continue to lead the next generation into the same darkness they dwelt happily. Surely ignorance is bliss.

Following the previously laid patterns and beliefs holds harmony in one's life while on the other hand advancement needs experimentation which, of course, comes with a few risks.

Are we afraid to admit that questioning and experimentation may eventually demolish the foundation over which 'the morals and principles of living' constructed over the years?

'Do (as bid) and Move (as said)' will not be plausible in a community that seeks an explanation for 'Why and What, if not?'

You response to the question 'Do you believe in God or Science?' either earns you acceptance and recognition in a community or tags you  as 'not be trusted or heeded to' and simply disqualifies your statements and beliefs no matter how factual they are.

The irony is that this is the qualifying question even in fields which has nothing to do with one's religious and scientific belief.

On a land where majority of the humans walk on two feet and strain to maintain balance, one who bends his torso and puts his hands on the ground like an ape and walks feeling perfectly comfortable would be laughed at and be called a stupid.

People tend to follow a system or scheme, howsoever unstable it is, just to be accepted in the human community and in fear of being tagged as a circus ape.

Minds stubborn enough not to accept even the proven facts, on the other hand, could never be helped.

If one's beliefs towards religion or science has no impact on his reputation, respect or nature I wonder if the whole lot will still be clinging to those beliefs however fictional or factual they are?

I wish one day everyone could understand that beliefs are one's own way to find harmony and ones beliefs are not to be inflicted on others just because one could, with his power.

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