Perfume: the Story of a Murderer - and the Subtitles

Have you ever tried reading the subtitles of the movies?

Few of you may not even read 'em while watching the movies,thinking they may be disturbing.


But ever tried to read them after you've seen a movie?

If you're watching a movie at 30fps (Frames per second) then reading the subtitles mean, watching it at 300fps.

As you watch a movie if you miss any interesting scene, you PAUSE, REWIND (Drag the slider back and forth) and then PLAY. But, that's not gonna happen when you are reading the subtitles.

I just realizes this when i read the subtitles of "Perfume: The story of a murderer (2006)", after two weeks since I watched it.

For who knows what reason, I liked this movie and I happened to watch it over 5 times, the following week.

It was about a guy named 'Jean-Baptiste Grenouille' who was born with an unusual talent of sensing all kinds of smell, who kills young and pretty women, preserves their bodies, processes them and creates perfume which could enslave the whole world.

A musical movie may have music every single second that your heart beats; an action movie may have stunning stunts and O.M.G. crashes.

'Perfume: the story of a murderer' has SMELL.

A pleasant, sweet, 'don't know how to describe' kind of smell penetrates the TV screen and keeps floating just around the tip of your nose as you get your face dipped into this little pond of perfume.

At the end of the movie as Jean-Baptiste applies the perfume on himself and appears in front of the crowd that wants him to be hanged for having murdered the women of their city, the whole crowd becomes speechless and looks him as an Angel; like the God.

They lose themselves at the beauty of the perfume that Jean-Baptiste created by using the extracts that he processed from the bodies of the women he killed and declare him innocent. The ferocious crowd that wanted a man to be hanged declares him Innocent in unison, being mesmerized by the smell of HIS PERFUME.

When you're watching the movie you may feel that the whole crowd is actually pleading you to declare him innocent.

When you hear the people who have blacked-out saying,

"This man is innocent!

He didn't do it. It's impossible!

He's innocent!

He's innocent!

This is no man!

This is an angel!"

even you may want to declare him innocent.

And when you're reading the subtitles this feeling lasts 10 times longer.

If you can smell that perfume for two mins as you watch the movie then you may feel it for 20 minutes when you're reading the subtitles.

From then on, when I have time but not allowed to watch a movie, I read!

I read the subtitles of the movies which i wanted to watch 10 more times.

You don't just read the dialogues of the actors and actresses as you read the subtitles.

You hear them talking them, in your mind. You hear the exact voice with the exact tone, exact modulation and exact accent like you have seen in the movie previously, no matter how many days before you had seen the movie.

As for me the shortcut for watching a movie 11 times would be:
Watch it once,
Read the subtitles once.
and that makes it 11 times.

Enjoy reading the subtitles.