If you’re one among those half-wits who think ‘guys ride fast to save time or to show off’, then this post is 
especially for you.

We would have often seen the elderly who have never crossed 35 kmph and wouldn’t have their bikes to an angle less than 89.9 degrees asking an accident victim, ‘Had you gone slowly you would have been just fifteen minutes late. Why should you race to save those ten minutes and end up like this?’
Tell you what, ‘Guys race not to save time’.

You know, a guy can save almost two to three hours for every two days if he can skip the ‘advice sessions’ of the so called ‘experienced’ people.  May also save some ten to 13.3333 minutes per day if they stop thinking about their upcoming examinations, interviews or thinking whether or not to buy a present for their girl friend’s birthday which would be about four twenty minutes from then.

So, teach a guy not to save time, they do already know HOW TO!

For those who have never felt the warm blood rushing through the veins pressing hard against the walls of the blood vessels and the wind gushing through their nearly covered ears, the question about speeding will most of the times be,

We don’t ask people why they add sugar to their Coffee, or do we? If we do so, we should better call ‘JUST DIAL’ and get the address of an asylum to settle safely before someone else finds out about us.

It’s the TASTE that the add-on is living and dissolving to help you find.


Feel it, 
not with your Tongue like you taste sugar and other, 

not with your Skin like you feel heat and breeze, 

not with your nose like you smell a rotten mouse, 

not with your ear like you hear your favourite person whisper near, or 

not with your Eye like the ‘all other, couldn’t be quoted here’.

It should be tasted by YOU, as a whole.

As the trees and immovables and almost close to that ‘all those who can’t match your speed’ blur as you pass through, the feeling of looking at everyone and getting not the sight of one, could be described by none but should be subscribed by every bloody one.

Speeding doesn’t mean to lose control but to relish skating at the brim of ‘control’ without slipping off but just enjoying the thrill of getting killed.

Those who think speeding is just for showing off, listen, what good would it do for a guy speeding on a motor bike, cutting through all the lazy bunch of slow moving cars and other road blockers in the name of Government buses, with a ‘government recommended helmet covering his celebrity face’?

Do you think guys drive fast to get a girl say ‘WOWWWWWW! That black helmet was awesomeeeeee! Drove like a Turbo Jet, he did; I think am starting to have a crush on him as he swept me off my feet when he crossed me in less than 0.5 seconds’?

Hope you don’t think a guy would do this for just for that, or do you?

There could be a lot of stupid stuff that could be done to show off even better, like wearing ‘coolers even after 6 in the name of fashion, or wearing an Eminem printed t-shirt just because we have seen someone with the same kind of t-shirt having a girl friend, or any from the many other stupid stuff.

Would someone risk their lives to get a comment that he wouldn’t even get to hear? 

Of course not!

Ask me not, ‘if speeding involves risk why would someone do that?’

Well, what on Earth exists without risk?

Sitting comfortably in an Air-conditioned room with 20 securities on every floor wouldn’t guarantee you that an earthquake or a powerstar movie wouldn’t take your life in split second.

And have we ever bothered about them?

NEVER! As much as I know about the world.

At the age of 8 don’t you know that you run a risk of standing out of the class, bearing all the shame that a teacher who would have spent her previous evening watching all her favourite serials as she didn’t have any homework, puts on your shoulders, expecting you to do them, skipping your favourite to-do’s that you have been dreaming in the class about, once you reach home?

Did you just think of it and sat there doing your homework sacrificing ‘the popoye, batman, spiderman, NFS or any such’?

Bet you wouldn’t have!

Humans have the tendency of doing what they enjoy doing forgetting any sort of risk factors hoping for a miracle to happen and save their back.

You know you will have to face the consequences.

You bloody know, without doing the homework you are setting your parents up for a meeting with your favourite teacher, knowing the meeting wouldn’t favour you.

But, as he rides, would someone think of the risks?

Definitely not.

They would just hope for a miracle that helps them escape, and just let enjoy the moment.

Like, ‘playing Mortal combat forgetting we are to be beaten to death the next day and just believing the teacher would be absent the next day’.

Risk, Escape, Relish!

Speeding is not just for saving time or showing off but it’s for living the moment of life, feeling alive and kicking.

Don’t hate Speedies.Surely they are not after ladies!

Want to ride fast now?  Try to win that Moto GP on your iPod first.

The Woman in Black (WIB)

The title doesn't speak about a woman coming in Black Dress to save the Earth from Aliens or from any green man like MEN IN BLACK.

This movie has no relation at all with the Hollywood MIB.

WIB could be just another Tamil movie if the costume of the woman was WHITE.

May be in Hollywood if a ghost is shown with white dress outdoors it wouldn't be easy to distinguish it from the snowy background and that could be a reason they went for Black.

Apart from the costume, the movie has a lot of interesting stuff. It has been a long time since I had had goosebumps. WIB gave me goosebumps. It makes you feel the shiver starting at the back of your neck and travels through the spine towards your heel.

A single line story with not many pages of dialogues not long playing musical melodies or so.

Daniel Radcliffe still doesn't look like a father for a 4 year old, could have chosen a brother role or some 'AMERICAM GROOM'. May be he just would have wanted to be 'Direct'a HERO' or whatever.

A tug of war between rationality and superstitions, where finally the majority wins!

Arthur thinks that, after finding the cause of all the impossible to understand deaths, reuniting the baby with the Dead mother would give her peace and she would spare the lives of other children.

But that did no good at all.

Arthur was sent to analyse the papers in the 'Eel Marsh House' to find the final will of Mrs. Alice Drablow (WIB).

He reads all the greetings she has written for her son and the letter to her husband, where she would have mentioned 'I will never forgive'.

When Arthur finds the body of the boy and reunites it with the dead mother he says 'Its all over' we would already know it's not over yet. Then again repeating the words of Mrs. Drablow 'Will never forgive' in his thoughts was redundant information to be provided.

Not many twists or anything for someone who would have watched Sherlock Holmes or any of Christopher Nolan's movies.

Not much strain for your brain.

WIB - Doesn't need to be dubbed in Tamil, but could just be muted and played for the Tamil audience. Would suit better.

Movies being made focusing on the 'still 1980's people is a wonder.

WIB is full of Wonders IMHO.

Enjoyable though for the Goosebumps

Perfume: the Story of a Murderer - and the Subtitles

Have you ever tried reading the subtitles of the movies?

Few of you may not even read 'em while watching the movies,thinking they may be disturbing.


But ever tried to read them after you've seen a movie?

If you're watching a movie at 30fps (Frames per second) then reading the subtitles mean, watching it at 300fps.

As you watch a movie if you miss any interesting scene, you PAUSE, REWIND (Drag the slider back and forth) and then PLAY. But, that's not gonna happen when you are reading the subtitles.

I just realizes this when i read the subtitles of "Perfume: The story of a murderer (2006)", after two weeks since I watched it.

For who knows what reason, I liked this movie and I happened to watch it over 5 times, the following week.

It was about a guy named 'Jean-Baptiste Grenouille' who was born with an unusual talent of sensing all kinds of smell, who kills young and pretty women, preserves their bodies, processes them and creates perfume which could enslave the whole world.

A musical movie may have music every single second that your heart beats; an action movie may have stunning stunts and O.M.G. crashes.

'Perfume: the story of a murderer' has SMELL.

A pleasant, sweet, 'don't know how to describe' kind of smell penetrates the TV screen and keeps floating just around the tip of your nose as you get your face dipped into this little pond of perfume.

At the end of the movie as Jean-Baptiste applies the perfume on himself and appears in front of the crowd that wants him to be hanged for having murdered the women of their city, the whole crowd becomes speechless and looks him as an Angel; like the God.

They lose themselves at the beauty of the perfume that Jean-Baptiste created by using the extracts that he processed from the bodies of the women he killed and declare him innocent. The ferocious crowd that wanted a man to be hanged declares him Innocent in unison, being mesmerized by the smell of HIS PERFUME.

When you're watching the movie you may feel that the whole crowd is actually pleading you to declare him innocent.

When you hear the people who have blacked-out saying,

"This man is innocent!

He didn't do it. It's impossible!

He's innocent!

He's innocent!

This is no man!

This is an angel!"

even you may want to declare him innocent.

And when you're reading the subtitles this feeling lasts 10 times longer.

If you can smell that perfume for two mins as you watch the movie then you may feel it for 20 minutes when you're reading the subtitles.

From then on, when I have time but not allowed to watch a movie, I read!

I read the subtitles of the movies which i wanted to watch 10 more times.

You don't just read the dialogues of the actors and actresses as you read the subtitles.

You hear them talking them, in your mind. You hear the exact voice with the exact tone, exact modulation and exact accent like you have seen in the movie previously, no matter how many days before you had seen the movie.

As for me the shortcut for watching a movie 11 times would be:
Watch it once,
Read the subtitles once.
and that makes it 11 times.

Enjoy reading the subtitles.