White Out

The day has finally come, after 20 years. There won't be any need to peer over the telescope to look at it anymore.

He still remembered the day they identified that one dot, brighter than the rest in the deep dark void.

For a few months every space research centre across the globe jumped on it and started sending out instruments to get a closer look, to pick the weakest radiation, to feel the mildest temperature or anything that they could read and comprehend.

He figured before the rest of the world that today will come, what path chosen for the future of this world and he hoped against all hopes that his observations and conclusions are somehow wrong. But, they weren't.

He looked up at the sky, and saw with naked eyes, the universally known secret, shared in silence only among the research organisations across the globe holding no information back from one another.

It would be only 10 more years when it will finally be the END.

He wished he didn't have to see the day the bright light is just over their head and the lives on this blessed planet becomes darkened.

Had he chosen to work in a coal mine, miles away from the surface from where he now saw the brightest demon smiling down at them, he'd have lived a few more years peacefully, completely ignorant of the shiny blade hanging overhead and he'd have only felt the pain of the tons and tons of earth that would have squeezed the life out him in the blink of an eye.

Alas, he is an astronomer and being the best one at it he had to suffer the weight of the crushing truth that the world is coming to an end.

Unlike the natural process that the human mind derived, the sun fading out, world becoming colder and eventually freezing out inn the cruel cold coal black space, though it still is a natural process, but against the imagining of men, the world was about to end by a star that followed all the physical laws men knew and so, exactly so, will crush world.

It didn't need an astronomer with excellence in the field to tell that the course of our planet could not be altered by setting sails or rowing in the reverse direction to avoid the hit. Like a murderous stone released from a catapult, hitting a bird right on the head, sitting unaware of the danger, the bright dot will wipe the lives out, but the only difference and the worst part is that we'd know it before hand and await it without hope.

All he wished now is that, may be, if it hit the brighter side of the planet at noon, at least the people on the darker side would have gone into a deep sleep not to wake up forever.

மண்ணுன்னும் உடல்

 மண்ணுன்னும் உடல் இங்கு
 மணிக்கொரு சுகம் வேண்டும்

 மக்கிடும் உடல் இங்கு
 மாதம் புது வகை தேடும்

 சாம்பலாகும் உடல் இங்கு
 தன் சூட்டால் மனம் கருக்கும்

 அழுகிடும் உடல் இங்கு
 அருந்திடும் உறவு நாடும்

 நழுவிடும் உயிர் இங்கு
 இன்று ஒரு நாள் உடல் தங்கும்.